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A Six days workshop on "Innovations in Education" was held from 25th to 30th June, 2018 conducted by SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education Bhimtal, in collaboration with Mirambika Free Progress School, Shri Aurobindo Ashram, Delhi and Joy for Learning Foundation, New Delhi.


"SAMAGAM" Our third "Alumni Meet" had done on 12th May 2019 with glorious program and the extreme positive energies between alumnii make that event a memorable one. The chief guest of this event was our cabinet minister Mr. Yashpal Arya.


SOS J. N. KAUL Institute of Education Bhimtal ● Required Assistant Professors for B.Ed. ● in Hindi, Phy Science / Bio. Science & Mathematics. ● Essential Qualification- M.Ed., NET/USET, ● Post Graduation in above mentioned subjects. ● Contact us- +91 9412084331 ● Email- sosbhimtal@gmail.com


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Senior Deputy National Director

Mr Sumanta Kar

Mr Sumanta Kar is the Senior Deputy National Director of SOS Children’s Villages of India (SOSCVI), one of India’s best childcare NGOs and the largest self-implementing agency providing an end-to-end Group Foster Care for children without parental care.

Mr Kar has over 30 years of experience in the field of alternative care. He joined SOSCVI in 1989 as a youth co-worker. Mr Kar has conceptualised and implemented several development projects at SOSCVI. He led SOSCVI’s tsunami operation in the southern states of India between 2004-2007 - it was the largest ever emergency programme undertaken by the NGO so far.

Mr Kar was part of SOS International Core Group in defining programme strategies in Alternative Care, SOS Children’s Village Programme Policy and Families First Project. He had participated in various international working groups and supported different member associations in shaping their emergency programmes.

His vision for SOSCVI is to make it a self-sustainable organisation. “Our focus will always be the same: Holistic development of children in a caring family atmosphere till they become self-supporting and contributing members of the society. Towards this end, we strengthen different forms of families - SOS family, families of origin, and kinship families - for children who have lost or who are at the risk of losing parental care,” he says.

Heading an organisation that is committed to providing parental care in a deinstitutionalised way, Mr Kar looks at parental care as a means of “ensuring that the basic rights of the children are met, and the children enjoy their childhood”. He firmly believes that the commitment of deinstitutionalised parental care is fulfilled when “every child in a group foster home enjoys a long-term relationship with his or her caregiver, whom he or she can trust, share his/her feelings and look for support and guidance.”

Born and brought up in Rourkela, Mr Sumanta Kar belongs to the state of Odisha. He holds a post graduate diploma from Xavier Institute and an Executive MBA from Utkal University. His motivation comes from “Working with children in different provinces and learning new customs and cultures.” Mr Kar enjoys talking to settled youth, listening to music, and visiting new provinces and countries.

Mr Sumanta Kar

Senior Deputy National Director