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A Six days workshop on "Innovations in Education" was held from 25th to 30th June, 2018 conducted by SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education Bhimtal, in collaboration with Mirambika Free Progress School, Shri Aurobindo Ashram, Delhi and Joy for Learning Foundation, New Delhi.


"SAMAGAM" Our third "Alumni Meet" had done on 12th May 2019 with glorious program and the extreme positive energies between alumnii make that event a memorable one. The chief guest of this event was our cabinet minister Mr. Yashpal Arya.


SOS J. N. KAUL Institute of Education Bhimtal ● Required Assistant Professors for B.Ed. ● in Hindi, Phy Science / Bio. Science & Mathematics. ● Essential Qualification- M.Ed., NET/USET, ● Post Graduation in above mentioned subjects. ● Contact us- +91 9412084331 ● Email- sosbhimtal@gmail.com


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Celebrated Events

Faculty Development Program
A seven days Faculty Development Program from 26th April to 2nd May 2021 was organized by the Institute on “Development of Practical Skills for Effective Classroom Management” The sub-themes of the program were: • Independent thinking and creativity through pedagogical skills • Delivery of the knowledge by using appropriate skills. • Remain at the front line through classroom management • Learning styles of Multiple intelligence • Teacher as Transformer • Innovative teaching-learning practices The program was attended by 103 participants from all the 08 SOS Herman Gmeiner Schools of SOS CVI .


Tuesday 6 April 2021, online Srijan 2021 college competition was organized by kamrah Institute of Innovative Technology College of Education, Gurugram Haryana. conducting Srijan virtual competition 2021 in-charge Dr. Shikha Dhawan. The competition was attended by trainee students of twenty third reputed B.Ed. college across the country. In which SOS J.N Kaul Institute of Education Bhimtal B.Ed. forth semester trainee Indira Sarkar got first position in lesson plan making and B.Ed. first semester trainee Himanshi Verma got the second position in collage making and Mukta Priyadarshini got the second position in Story-telling. In this competition, the trainee students displayed their beautiful expression through imagination and experimentation and introduced them to the new picture of story-telling. Dr. Ranjana Ruhela, Principal SOS J.N Kaul Institute of Education Bhimtal congratulated all the participants and wished their bright future and said that this institute encourages such programme.


Virtual Alumni Meet - “SAMAGAM – 2021”
Alumni Meet of SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education, Bhimtal was organized online through Google Meet and Facebook Live. The alumni from the batch 2005 to the recent pass out batch of 2020 participated in the meet. The programme was anchored by Mr. Kaushik Dhyani and Ms. Tanuja Bhandari (student-teachers of B.Ed. 2020-22 batch). Various cultural performances, sharing of experiences, guidance from our chief guests were the key features of this alumni meet. In her inaugural address, Dr. Ranjana Ruhela (Principal, SOS JNKIE) welcomed all the guests, alumni, and all the participants. She expressed her joy with the alumni for reaching heights of success in various fields. The Chief Guest of the programme, Prof. Vijaya Rani Dhondiyal (Dean and Head, SSJ University, Almora) congratulated the Institute for organizing the wonderful programme and encouraged the Institution to keep on doing good efforts. The Guest of Honour, Ms. Deborati Bose (Director of Education, SOS CV India) expressed her views on importance of alumni meet and said that alumni have a lot to contribute in the development of any organization. The special guest performance of the evening was of Mr. Aditya Saraswat (famous bollywood Gazal Singer). He gave a special message for the students and alumni of the Institute along with performing various gazals and songs in the programme. Apart from the special performances of guest artist, some beautiful performances were given by our alumni, Ms. Rekha Silori (Assistant Professor, Music Department Government P.G College) and Ms. Shraddha Singh (Assistant Teacher, Navoday Vidhyalaya Jaipur). The present students of SOS JNKIE, Ms. Mukta Priyadarshini, Ms. Bhawana, Ms. Meenakshi, Mr. Suyash, and Ms. Suman also gave beautiful performances. On this wonderful opportunity the alumni of the Institute shared their experiences. In the end of the programme the Alumni Association of this year was constituted. The vote of thanks was given by Dr. Vaibhav Chauhan. On this occasion Ms. Beena Negi Chaudhary, Dr. Vaibhav Chauhan, Ms. Sonal Shukla, Mr. Vipin Kumar, Mr. Manoj Kumar, and Mr. Rajendra Singh Khati were present.


International Women's Day- 08/3/2021
On the occasion of International Women's Day (2021) an online programme was organized in SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education, Bhimtal (Nainital). The programme was hosted and anchored by Ms. Babita Nainwal and Ms. Vaishali Pandey (Student-Teachers of B.Ed. II Year). The programme begin with the sharing of the horrifying yet courageous experiences of Ms. Pooja Arya (Student-Teacher of B.Ed. II Year), who herself and her son got infected with COVID-19, along with a serious kidney ailment of her son. She overcame with all the hurdles along with properly undertaking all the online classes and assignments. Ms. Bhawna Lohani and Mr. Suyash Pant expressed their views on Women Empowerment. Ms. Indira Sarkar and Ms. Iram Alam showcased their poetic skills by bringing the picturesque explanation of social conditions of women through their poems. Addressing the participants, on this occasion Dr. Ranjana Ruhela, Principal, SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education said that - “International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th every year. This year, the theme for International Women’s Day is – ‘Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world’. Motivating all the participants she also said that - International Women's Day is all about feeling self-worth and achieving the goals as per the potential. Besides that, women should gather the courage to cross all the hurdles in all the spheres of life to make a tremendous improvement.” On this occasion Ms. Beena Negi Chaudhary, Dr. Vaibhav Chauhan, Ms. Sonal Shukla, Mr. Vipin Kumar, Mr. Manoj Kumar, and Mr. Rajendra Singh Khati were present.


WORLD CANCER DAY 2021 (Guest Lecture on – “Cancer: Myths and Facts”)
SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education, Bhimtal organized a Guest Lecture on the topic “Cancer: Myths and Facts” in collaboration with “Sanjeewani: Life Beyond Cancer” on the occasion of World Cancer Day – 2021. The chief-speaker on the occasion was “Ms. Florina Singh”. On the occasion Ms. Florina Singh (Speaker, Sanjeevani LBS) oriented the participants of the guest lecture on various aspects related to cancer: its causes, prevention, and counseling. She presented a detailed explanation of various reasons of spread of cancer and ways to prevent and protect oneself from this deadly disease. She shared various presentations and video films in her lecture for the awareness of the participants. One of the heart-touching video was from NSS wing of Shri Ram College, Delhi. Dr. Ranjana Ruhela (Principal, SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education, Bhimtal) shared a message for the teaching community and said that “Five major areas where we can play significant roles in our fight against cancer are: Awareness about the usage of Alcohol and Tobacco, Importance of diet and nutrition, Food habits, Importance of physical activity and overweight issues, Importance of self-awareness, early detection and treatment of cancer, and Raising funds for cancer victims. As students and teachers we can bring awareness in the society about these facts by organizing various campaigns on these issues.” The student-teachers of SOS JNKIE, representatives and interns fron Sanjeevani LBS, and other participants from local community of Bhimtal participated in the webinar.


72th Republic Day was celebrated at the SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education, Bhimtal. The flag was hoasted by Principal Madam, and the national anthem was sung. All the staff were there.


On the occasion of Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekanand Ji, ‘National Youth Day’ was celebrated in SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education, Bhimtal (Nainital). Students of the Institute participated in a State Level Essay Competition organized in the Institute as per the directives given by the Government of Uttarakhand. The topic of the essay competition was “Relevance of Thoughts of Swami Vivekanand with Reference to the State of Uttarakhand” and was organized from 11 AM to 2 PM. Programme was conducted in the guidance and supervision of Dr. Ranjana Ruhela, Principal, SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education. At the end of the event she addressed the students and said that “Swami Vivekananda’s life and work is a great inspiration for the youth of our country. The youth have great creative energy with the potential of reaching great heights. We, as teachers and teacher educators, have a great responsibility for nurturing the talent of the youth”.


On the eve of World Hindi Day – 2021, an Online Seminar with Poem Recitation was organized in SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education, Bhimtal (Nainital). The programme was coordinated by Ms. Indira Sarkar – a student of B.Ed. second year. Following students presented beautiful self-written poems in Hindi: Vaishali Pandey, Indira Sarkar, Renu Arya, Manisha Goswami, Bhawana, Neeta Arya, Sapna Adhikari, Ajay Kohli, Suyash Pant, Suman Pant, Tanuja Joshi, Bhawna Lohni, and Rasmi Sorari. On the occasion, Dr. Ranjana Ruhela, Principal, SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education said that "The first World Hindi Conference took place in 1975 in Nagpur (Maharashtra). Later in the year 2006, then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh declared ‘January 10’ as World Hindi Day.


Webinar on – “Cancer Prevention and Healthy Life Style”
SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education, Bhimtal in collaboration with ‘Sanjeevani-Life Beyond Cancer’ organized a webinar on “Cancer Prevention and Healthy Lifestyle” on 19th December 2020 from 11 AM. The webinar was organized under the movement of “Making India Cancer Free”. The program was made possible with the joint efforts and vision of Ms. Ruby Ahluwalia (Founder, Sanjeevani LBC) and Dr. Ranjana Ruhela (Principal, SOS JNKIE). The webinar was hosted by Ms. Florina Singh (Chief Speaker, Sanjeewani LBC). She shared the working and vision of her organization – ‘Sanjeevani Life Beyond Cancer’. Dr. Ranjana Ruhela (Principal, SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education, Bhimtal) shared the report of WHO and presented the worldwide figures of the Cancer deaths every year. She also portrayed the cumulative effects of the cancer deaths on the family members of the deceased and showed how a single death due to cancer affects the lives of the whole family members.


Human Rights Day was celebrated in SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education, Bhimtal (Nainital) on Thursday, 10thDec. 2020. This day was celebrated in the Institute by organizing an online webinar on Human Rights. The theme of Human Rights Day for 2020 was "Recover Better- Stand Up for Human Rights". The theme for this year's Human Rights Day is closely focused on the 'after-effects' of the COVID-19 pandemic. On the occasion, Dr. Ranjana Ruhela, Principal, SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education said that "The world is rejuvenating after months of lockdown due to the pandemic, and this is the time we all have to stand for those who can not stand for themselves. We all not only have to support but also make everyone around us aware about his/her human rights so that no one gets exploited in these difficult times". The student-teachers of the Institute celebrated the event by organizing awareness drives in their respective localities and kept their views on the platform of online webinar. On this occasion Ms. Beena Negi Chaudhary, Dr. Vaibhav Chauhan, Ms. Sonal Shukla, Mr. Vipin Kumar, Mr. Manoj Kumar, Mr. Rajendra Singh Khati, Mr. Ganesh Arya, Mr. Rahul Kumar and Mr. Netra Prasad Gautam were present.


World AIDS Day
World AIDS Day was celebrated in SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education, Bhimtal (Nainital) on 1st Dec. 2020. This day is celebrated in the Institute every year with the organization of various activities, awareness rallies and blood donation camps. This year due to COVID-19 protocols the day was celebrated in a unique way. On the occasion, Dr. Ranjana Ruhela, Principal, SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education portrayed importance of awareness towards AIDS. Dr. Ruhela also shared the previous efforts of the Institute which have been taken to help the community in understanding the 'real-disease' and distinguish it from the 'myths' spread in the society.


World Television Day was organized in SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education, Bhimtal (Nainital) on 21st Nov. 2020. The first world television forum took place on the same day in 1996 and subsequently this day was marked as world television day by the United Nations General Assembly. The student-teachers of the Institute celebrated this event through online medium on google meet. The student-teachers expressed their views through self-written poems, speech, PPT presentations, and animations. On the occasion, Dr. Ranjana Ruhela, Principal, SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education expressed her views and emphasized the role of television in education.


Special Lecture on New Education Policy – 2020
18/August/2020----A special lecture on the topic “Promises for Teacher and School in NEP 2020” was organized in SOS J N Kaul Institute of Education, Bhimtal (Nainital). The lecture was delivered by Prof. C. B. Sharma (Former Chairman of NIOS and Professor, School of Education, IGNOU). More than 550 academicians, students and scholars attended the lecture. Dr. Ranjana Ruhela, Principal SOS JNKIE, delivered the vote of thanks and said that the New Education Policy will definitely prove to be a huge change in Indian Education System. Dr. Ruhela mentioned that the New Education Policy is a step towards Self-Reliance and urged the stakeholders to pledge for working towards the suggestion of the New Education Policy 2020.


NATIONAL WEBINAR on Digital Education: A Dream Envisioned Brought Closer by a Pandemic
10th June 2020---A National Webinar on the topic "Digital Education: A Dream Envisioned Brought Closer by a Pandemic" was organized by SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education, Bhimtal (Nainital) on 10th June 2020. Prof. R. C. Mishra (Director, School of Management Studies and Commerce, Uttarakhand Open University, Haldwani) was the Eminent Speaker of the webinar. Prof. Pradeep Kumar Mishra (Professor and Ex. Dean, Department of Education, Meerut University) and Dr. Kiran Lata Dangwal (Additional Dean, Academic Cell, Department of Education, Lucknow University) were the guest speakers of the webinar. Dr. Deepti Johri (Head, Department, Bareilly College, Bareilly) moderated the technical session. Dr. Ranjana Ruhela (Principal, SOS J N Kaul Institute of Education, Bhimtal) presided the technical session. In the inaugural session Dr. Ranjana Ruhela introduced and welcomed all the eminent guests and participants. A total of 1200 participants were present in the webinar, and the live webcast of the webinar had a viewership of 2073 through google meet, YouTube live and Facebook live.


31/MAY/2020----National Inter-Institutional competition (E-Heights-2020) organized by Ganga Institute of Education, Jhajjor, Haryana. The students of SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education, Bhimtal participated in various categories of the event and won prizes in all categories of participation, the name of winners are :---- 1- Online Micro Teaching- First Prize- Vaishali (B.Ed. II Year).......... 2- RCEM Digital Lesson Plan - Third prize- Janki (B.Ed. II Year).......... 3- Animated Awareness Videos – First Prize – Moumita (B.Ed. I Year).......... 4- Awareness Video on Corona – First Prize – Kalpana (B.Ed . II Year).......... 5- Awareness Video on Corona – Third Prize – Renu (B.Ed. I Year).......... 6- Digital Poster Making – Second Prize – Deepika (B.Ed. I Year).......... 7- Digital Poster Making – Third Prize – Bharti (B.Ed. I Year).......... 8- Teaching aid from waste material – First Prize – Neeta – (B.Ed. I Year).......... 9- Teaching aid from waste material – Second Prize – Bhawana (B.Ed. I Year)


Hobby Club
April- June--- Surpassing the limitations of lockdown and corona virus outbreak the students of B.Ed I & II year showcased their talent through various activities organized by SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education, Bhimtal under the Hobby Club of the Institute april to june. The students participated in making of Best usable materials from waste products as well as making of teaching aids from trash. Also the students expressed their literary talent through original poem writing and artistic talent through sketching. The Hobby Club activities were conducted along with the academic classes so as to were conducted along with the academic classes so as to enhance the psychological health of all students during lockdown.


Environment Day
05/june/2020----On the occasion of World Environment Day (5/June/2020), all faculty member and students of SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education, Bhimtal planted trees in their respective locality due to Nation wide lockdown situations. The event was a success as 220 trees were planted during the event. The students & teachers took oath to take care of the trees in the guidance of the principal of the Institute Dr. Ranjana Ruhela.


Conduction of Webinar on the Topic "Government Initiatives: ICT and Education" on 21/may/2020. A one-day webinar on the Topic "Government Initiatives: ICT and Education" was organized by SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education, Bhimtal on 21st May 2020. The experts of the webinar were Dr. Reetesh Sah (Assistant Director, UGC-HRDC, Kumaun University) and Mr. Bhagwati Prasad Joshi (DIET, Udham Singh Nagar). The webinar was organized for professional development of the student-teachers of the Institute. The speakers provided an in-depth training of various online teaching-learning platforms like SWAYAM, SWAYAMPRABHA, GEOGEBRA, NISHTHA, Anatomy-4D, Open Educational Resources, Open Licensing, e-VIDWAN, MOOCS, E-Books, Powtoons, etc to the participants.


Holi is essentially the festival of colors but there are many facts to this festival too to celebrate the joyous sprit of the colorful festival Holi the Institute participated in Holi competition organized by Jivan Varsha Kala Sangam Samiti Mehragaon and Nanda Devi Committee, Bhowali on 2nd March Ramleela Ground.


The institute organized a program on the National Science Day which is celebrated every year on 28th February in India to mark the discovery of the Raman Effect by Indian scientist Sir C. V. Raman. Various activities and programs were arranged in the Institute enhance the important of scientific attitude and knowledge among the teacher trainees. Program started with poem recitation on different topics of science presented. After that the model presentation took place where difference science models were showcase by the science students. Ms. Anupa Rani in her finishing speech explained the crucial role of science in the national development.


Guest lecture on 18th February 2020 was organized by SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education, Bhimtal for reveling the ground realities and the quality the time demands in teaching profession which was started by the honorable principal Dr. Ranjana Ruhela through her mile stone experience. The guest lecture was delivered by Mr. P. V. Paul the principal of Hermann Gmeiner School, Bhimtal. Shared his experience as a principal teacher and administrator in full fledge picture of teaching realities and what are the requirements and the expectation from the new pupil teachers through video and PPT.


After issuance of death warrant of Nirbhaya case there are many questions arises on the nation delay on the justice of Nirbhaya case. As in that context Amar Ujala was conducted ‘Samwad’ at SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education, Bhimtal on 7 February 2020 principal of the Institute, students and other members of women social welfare Bhimtal participated in the discussion. On this topic principal Dr. Ranjana Ruhela Share her views that delay is painful not only the family of Nirbhaya but for everyone. It shows the failure of our system the whole world is watching how justice is being delayed in india.


In order to encourage more young voters to take part in the political process, Government of India has decided to celebrate January 25 every year as "National Voters' Day" It has been started from January 26, 2011 to mark Commission's foundation day. The purpose of celebrating National Voters’ Day is to make the youth aware of voting. It is the right of every responsible citizen because each vote decides the fate of the new government and democracy. This year’s theme of National Voters’ Day is - ‘Electoral Literacy for Stronger Democracy’ S.O.S J.N Kaul institute celebrated 25 January 2020 Voters day. Institute organized an awareness rally on the importance and rights of VOTING to the public in the area of dhungshil village.


SOS J. N. KAUL Institute of Education had organized Human Rights day on 10 December from 1 pm to 3 pm at the college premise. It mainly includes economic, social, cultural rights an international commitment on civil and political rights. Institute organized poster making competition on Human Rights day B.Ed 1st year students participated with great enthusiasm. The main objective of organizing Human Rights poster competition was to create awareness and teach students about Human Rights and promote the idea of Human Rights among the new generation.


Uttarakhand chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat inaugurated the 3 day winter lake carnival of Uttrakhand, which was held at Bhimtal on 1st December. In food competition, flavoures of the tantalizing Kumauni Dishes attracted the people most like Bhatt ki chutkani, Bhang ki chatny, jhangoore ki kheer etc. The students of S.O.S J. N KAUL Institute of education participated enthusiastically in Competitions, and got consolation prize. The Students participated in the aipen competition with great enthusiasm. In this one hour competition, The Students tried to prove their talent in the best possible way.


The Department of Management studies, Kumaun University Campus, Bhimtal organized the 7th edition of CANVAS -Shades of Talent of 2019 an event on 23 November 2019.The theme of the programme is “Get High on Life, Not on Drugs. Main objective is to create awareness about the escalating issue of drug use among youth of the Kumaun region. The events of the day long program were included solo song, recitation, extempore speech, games. The student of S.O.S J. N KAUL Institute of education participated enthusiastically in college level competition. The competitor gives out of variety of songs.


S.O.S J.N. Kaul celebrated November 2019 Children’s day, which marks the birth Anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, with Enthusiasm and zeal and keeping in mind his words “I may not have time for adults, but I have enough time for children”. Children’s day celebration focuses on children and their enjoyment. The concept of celebrating Children’s day came up after Nehru demise in 1964. In other Countries, Universal Children’s day is Celebrated on Nov 20.Children’s of B.ED 1st year participated in activities like Singing competition.


Country celebrates the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel on 31st Oct as Rashtriya Ekta Diwas. In line with the celebration countrywide, SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education, Bhimtal organized various activities in the Institute premises in order to extend their heartfelt appreciation about the life and the involvement of the great leader. His dedication for the national integration was completely uncompromising in order to make a newly liberated united country.


SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education, Bhimtal had organized World Food Day on 16 October 2019. It’s an annual celebration in the honor of the founding date of the Food and Agriculture Organization launched by the United Nations in the year 1945. World Food Day is celebrated widely with great enthusiasm by several other organization The theme of World Food Day 2019 was – “Our Actions Are Our Future”. The theme is designed to urge people from all the walks of society to take action for the prevention of hunger, saving food and understanding nutritional values.


Birthday of the Mahatma Gandhi is celebrated in India every year by the name Gandhi Jayanti. On second of October a great person Mahatma Gandhi was born in the year 1869 at porbandar in the Gujarat to the Karamchand Gandhi and Putlibai. The programme began with special tribute to Gandhiji. Program started with beautiful bhajan of gandhiji (Vaisnov jan to) song by B.Ed 1st year students. On this auspicious occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, the students presented the assembly on the theme.After that cleanliness drive was organized, Principal madam support the programme by cleaning the corners of the playground.


SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education invited Sahaja Yoga meditation for moral development of children through inner transformation by sahaja Yoga in easy to do. Dr. Ranjana Ruhela Principal of the Institute welcomed the guest then Tripti Tiwari member of Sahaja Yoga, introduced the the students with the Nirmala Devi (1923-2011). Shri Nirmala Srivastava is more widely known as her holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi or as “Mother” by her followers, who are called Sahaja Yogis.


The staff and the students of SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education celebrated Rashtriya Hindi Diwas on 14th September. This is the days that marks the importance of the Hindi language and shows its rich history and social political significance. The first Hindi Diwas was celebrated by the Government of India after independence on September 14th of 1949. Hindi was adopted as the country official language by the constitution assembly of India. Hindi poems and quizzes are held on the occasion of Hindi Diwas.


The Institute celebrated Earth Day 2019 like every year to promote awareness to the environmental issues faced by the world and also to motivate the teacher trainees to participate in environmental friendly activities to protect our planet. A plantation program was held in the Institute in which students were asked to bring plants and asked to plant them in the Institute premise and nearby areas of the Institute.


SOS J. N. Kaul institute of education, Bhimtal celebrated teachers day on 5 September with zeal and enthusiasm. Principal madam was the chief guest of this program. The programme began with the worshipping of Dr. Radhakrishnan, she also offered flowers to a portrait. Then after these different programs were conducted by the students. They performed a cultural show to denote their love, respect, acknowledgment and recognition of the hard work put in by the teachers towards their development. Principal madam extended his heartiest thanks to all students on behalf of staff.


National Sports Day 2019
SOS J.N Kaul institute of education had organized national sports day on 29 August 2019 at the college premise. It is celebrate on the birth anniversary of hockey legend Major Dhyan Chand, who is regarded as nations greatest hockey player of all time. The president of India gives away sport related awards such as the Rajiv Gandhi Khel ratna and dronaharya award, Arjun Award. Various sports activities including fitness training, kho-kho, cricket, volley ball and basketball included 100 meter race and musical chair race were played by the students with full of enthusiasm.


SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education had organized two Fire Safety Drill program in 2019. First one was organized by fire brigade team Nainital, for the student teacher and faculty to prepare them for unseen emergencies and calamities. Second one organized on 21st august 2019 by Desaster management of Institute. The motive behind the training of to aware the teachers and employees their roll during an emergency. All college staff have duty to help students to move out the college during fire, so it’s essential for them to know what steps to take. They explain about the importance of fire drill. They showed demo of how to use fire extinguisher.


An Independence day was celebrated in the Institute.


The programme started with beautiful poem. The whole bunch of activities comes to an end with principal ma’am speech. Ma’am started her speech with beautiful quote. “Educate a woman you educate the family,” "Educate the girl you educate the future”. She discussed the condition of girl was much worse in the past decades. Girl’s chilD were killed in the mother’s womb through proper technique before birth. It is our duty as well as to contribute for the betterment of girl children.


Tree plantation programme was held in our institute on 17 August 2019 in different parts of our locality. The event was begun with the speech by principal ma’am. She shared her views about conservation of environment. She said that the purpose of tree plantation is save the endangered environment and to beautify our life. Trees are valuable gifts of nature Trees are the foremost source for producing the oxygen in environment they helps to reduce the level of CO2 .as we all know that the whole world is facing the problem of global warming and to recover from such problem planting the trees is become one of the most important aspects today.


The Institute has organized its 3rd Alumni Meet on 12th May 2019. The program was honored by the benign presence of the Chief Guest Mr. Yashpal Arya, Cabinet Minister. The former students of the institute were invited to come to the event to let the present peek into the past and also to inspire the teacher trainees with their achievements in professional life. The teacher trainees gave varied performances, giving glimpses of multi-cultural aspects of the nation with dance and music presentation of Kumaun, Garhwal, Haryana, Rajasthan, Assam , Western etc.


Voting Awareness Program
The Institute invited one of the reputed printed media, Amar Ujala for holding a voting awareness program as the Lok Sabha Election is on its way. Team of Amar Ujala under the campaign Aparajita visited and emphasised on the role of each vote as an essential element to contribute in strengthening our Indian Democracy. Also provided a platform to the teacher trainees to put off their views and opinions related to various aspects of election.


Rangeelo Kumaun Competition
The Institute participated in the Competition, Rangeelo Kumaun organised by Jeevan Varsha Kala Sangam Samiti, Nainital and Nanda Devi Committee Bhowali to celebrate the spirit of the colourful festival Holi with varied form of Holi performances in which teacher trainees participated in Kumauni Baithki Holi and also saved the second position in the competition.


USERC Workshop on Technology Enabled Education
A Workshop was organised on 15 March to enable the teacher trainees in Technology Based Education with the collaboration of (USERC) Uttarakhand Science Education and Research Centre. The Institute welcomed the team of USERC, Birla Institute of Applied Science and Nirmala Social Research and Development Society to emphasise the role of technology in the teaching-learning process and also disseminated information to enable the teacher trainees in technology based learning such as blended learning, computer assisted learning etc.


The Institute participated in the rally organized by Amar Ujala as Aparajita 100 million smiles to celebrate International Women's Day (March 8) which is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for celebrating gender parity and a focal point in the movement for women's rights. The teacher trainees made hoardings and shouted various slogans related to woman empowerment.


The Institute celebrated the national science day which is held on 28 February every year to mark the discovery of C. V. Raman. To emphasize the crucial role of scientific inventions and discovery in the social and national development various activities and programs such as science model presentation, speech and poem recitation and play (on the role of science in the development of Indian culture and civilization) were performed and organized on this day in which teacher trainees took participation with full zeal.


Visit to District Institute of Education and Training
To give better understanding of the apex bodies at district level an educational visit was arranged to take students to District Institute of Education and Training. In the visit the teacher trainees explored the different departments ( Work Experience, Educational Technology, In-service, Interaction, Innovation and Co-ordination, Pre-service Teacher Education etc)as well as their functions to have better understanding of educational administration.


The Institute organized a skit competition on safer internet day which aims to raise awareness of emerging online issues as cyber bullying to social networking, each year. The teacher trainees took enthusiastic participation in different skits showing the pros and cons of using internet with their dramatic presentation and skills.


A three days Scouts and Guides Camp is organized in the Institute to develop the mental and physical strength as well as to strengthen the skills and team work of the teacher trainees by enabling them to participate in various activities such as to learn and practice the rules and etiquettes related to Scouts and Guides, Flag Hoisting, First Aid skills, Tent Pitching etc.


70th Republic Day is celebrated in the Institute with inherent spirit of patriotism and nationalism. To give glimpses and glances of our cultural heritage students and teachers participated in various activities such as play on Surgical Strike , group patriotic dances and songs, speech and poem recitation etc. with full enthusiasm.


Around the world 10th of January is celebrated as World Hindi Day to create the environment for the spirit of Hindi worldwide and present Hindi as the international language. This year SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education, Bhimtal celebrated this day with full zeal by organising various programs and activities such as Hindi poem competition, Debate competition, Skit , Quiz competition etc. The teachers and students participated with enthusiasm and made the program a success.


We started this year by inviting the Meston College of Education, Chennai on 8th jan 2019 for Educational and Cultural exploration. The student teachers performed various cultural programs to give the glimpse of Uttarakhand culture and heritage. The students and teachers of our Institution gave a trip to the faculty members and the students of Meston College of Education to different departments of the college where they presented the working models of mathematics, science, social science etc.


World AIDS day was celebrated in SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of education bhimtal on 1st December 2018 for spreading awareness about prevention from AIDS. The students of the Institute participated in the awareness rally till Daat via Rawat Village and performed a very informative play on the daat.


SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education, Bhimtal enthusiastically celebrated the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatama Gandhi and Birth Anniversary of Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri on 2nd October 2018. Mr. Avinash Hota (Director, SOS Children’s Village, Bhimtal) was the Chief Guest and initiated the programme by lighting the lamp. Various cultural programs like group songs, instrumental shows and patriotic skits were performed by the students of the institute. Dr. Ranjana Ruhela (Principal, SOS JNKIE) addressed the students and acquainted them with the life events, principles and philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi and Sh. Lal Bahadur Shashtri.


The teachers and students of SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education, Bhimtal celebrated the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarwapalli Radhakrishnan (Teacher's Day) on 5th sep. 2018 with great enthusiasm. The students of the institute expressed their gratitude & appreciation for their teachers on this day. Dr. Ranjana Ruhela delivered the guiding address and reiterated the philosophical & educational thoughts of Dr. Radhakrishnan.


The 72th Independence Day (15.August.2018) of our country was celebrated in the institute with great enthusiasm. The celebration begin with the flag hoisting at 9:00 AM. The students and staff of the institute participated in the celebration by presenting many cultural programes.


A six day workshop was held by Dr. Kamla Menon, Ms. Srila Basu, Ms. Saraswati Rikhye an innovation in teaching is going on at SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education Bhimtal. Till the second day many activities were conducted in which the students participated with full enthusiasm and excitement. Students and teachers had a session a yoga in the morning and then learnt the fundas of spoken and written English from Ms. Saraswati Rikhye. The inaugural session was addressed by Dr. Ranjana Ruhela Principal SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education Bhimtal followed by the welcome of the distinguished guests from Shri Aurobindo Society.


The International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21th June 2018 at SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education Bhimtal with full devotion and activeness. All the students of the college and the faculty practiced yoga under the guidance of Ms. Neema Negi from Patanjali. She emphasized the importance of yoga in our daily life and its medicinal values. She taught the basic pranayams like Anulom Vilom, Bhrastika & Bhramari etc.


Two days workshop was conducted by Ms. Pallavi Katoch on 13thand 14th june 2018 on OER in SOS Bhimtal, on the topic Ownership, Entrepreneurship and Responsibility. In this the teachers were taught how to teach english communication effectively, communication etiquettes, formal and informal letter writing as well as about emotional Intelligence.


The World Environment week was celebrated with full enthusiasm at SOS J. N. Kaul institute of Education Bhimtal from 5-june-2018 to 11-june-2018. On this auspicious occasion the students organized interesting and knowledgeable events like plantation of trees, dustbin making competition, quiz competition etc. In addition to this the nearby areas of the college were cleaned followed by a street play by the students of 4th semester of B.Ed. The students gave a message to keep an environment clean and hygienic by the means of banners, slogans and play cards. Finally the environment week was concluded by the motivational and inspirational words of honorable principal Dr. Ranjana Ruhela.


A guest lecture on 01-may-2018 by an eminent personality Dr. B.P. Bhardwaj Professor from NCERT the topic “challenges before teaching process & classroom management” He enlightened the pupil teachers with his experience views and motivated them to think rationally and innovatively. He made them aware about the latest teaching techniques and teaching leaving process in and advised them to be updated with the latest scenario.


Sports activities are regular part of B.Ed curriculum at SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education Bhimtal. Every friday and saturday students of B.Ed 1st year and 2nd year enjoy various types of outdoor games like Badminton, basket Ball, Volleyball etc and indoor games like Carrom Board, chess and T.T. under the strict supervision and guidance of the teachers of the college.


J. N. Kaul Institute of Education Bhimtal is conducting Social Impact program under the guidance of Dr Vaibhav Chauhan and Mr. Ramesh Kumar under this the third semester student were taken to the near by “Dhungsil” village on 17-feb-2018. The main theme of this program is Cleanliness and Adult Literacy. The old villagers were taught the important of literacy through “Nukkad Natak” and various slogan with banners. They were motivated to keep them environment clean and hygienic. Honorable Principle and faculty members accompanied the group.


On the auspicious occasion, celebration of 69th anniversary of Republic Day, the national Flag was hoisted, various cultural programs and speeches were organized by students and they were addressed by honorable Principal Dr. Ranjana Ruhela at the assembly of SOS J.N. Kaul Institute of Education Bhimtal.


A one-day Blood Donation camp was organized by SOS J. N. Kaul Institute of Education, Bhimtal in collaboration with B. D. Pandey District Hospital, Nainital under the social impact programme of the institute. This was consecutively fourth year of the blood donation camp organized by the institute. The programme began at 10:30 AM and was inaugurated by Dr. Ranjana Ruhela, Principal (SOS JNKIE) along with Dr. Kumar Aditya Tiwari and Dr. Chandra Shekhar Pathak. Dr. Ranjana Ruhela emphasized on the significance of such events conducted throughout the session under the umbrella of social impact programme of the institute. She also appreciated the team members of B. D. Pandey District Hospital, Nainital (Dr. Kumar Aditya Tiwari, Dr. Chandra Shekhar Pathak, Ms. Saraswati Khetwal, Rajneesh Mishra, Kapil Chandra, Gunjan Pant, and Sanjeev), faculty members and students of SOS JNKIE for their cooperation, and rendering duties towards this noble cause.


An Uttarakhand day was celebrated on 09-11-2017 in the Institute. Various cultural programs were conducted on this auspicious occasion.


A Sports Week is celebrated in the Institute on 29/08/2017


A Rakhi Compitition organized in the Institute on 1/08/2017.


Kargil Diwas celebrated in the institute on 26/07/2017.


An Independence day was celebrated in the Institute.


Celebrated Yoga day in the Institute on 21/06/2017.


An environment day was celebrated in the institute on 05/06/2017.


A seven days scout guide camp was conducted in the institute.


Mehandi Compitition was conducted in the institute.


B.Ed students of the institute through ten days (11-oct 2016 to 20-oct-2016) Community Awareness Programme held in District-Nainital, Bhimtal, Block- Dhura, Dhulai, Ghorakhal, Hariya Gaon, Bariya Gaon, Khutani, Vinayak, Chek Baheri, Bhumiyadhar, Kuria Gaon made local and rural people aware about human rights and duties how to fight against injustice, cleanliness and hygiene ,killing of girl child and dowry related issues and is a social crime through rally and skit.


Blood donation is the best service to the human society. 0n 17- Oct-2016 B.Ed students, Principal as well as faculty of the Institute organized Blood donation camp and made it successful with the help of State Blood Transfusion Council which was held in the Institute. In this everyone voluntarily donated blood for a noble cause as there is scarcity of blood in local hospitals.


A guest lecture was held in the Institute for teacher trainees and faculty members by Dr. Ritesh Sah UGC-HRDC, Kumaon University ,Nainital. He made student aware about the importance of MOOCs and OER in education and how much it’s helpful in making teaching learning excellent by helping students assess education in every nook and corner of the country


To assess the strength weakness and threat of the institute, NAAC was approached by the institute to evaluate the work accomplished till date from their perspective. Thus peer team of three members of NAAC (NATIONAL ASSESSMENT ACCREDITATION COUNCIL) inspected the Institute on 18-june-2016, and evaluated three years work done by faculty team members in the Institute, assessed infrastructure equipped with modern techniques and facilities in the campus like gym, play ground, library, laboratories, canteen etc for the students as well as faculty and for that it was awarded “B” grade for the same which brought recognition for the institute and added feather in it’s cap.


B.Ed teacher trainees of the institute on 8-feb-2017 took out a rally and did skit in local surrounding areas like Sanguri Gaon, Dhungsil, Danth, Nakuchiyatal road, Tallital making people aware about their right to vote as their voting is very important so that the state remains glorified , peaceful, ever developing and prosperous


One day Guest Lecture was held in the institute for B.Ed students by Dr. Shubhra Kandpal in which she made students aware about the importance of education, better ways of teaching and how to make teaching learning more effective. Principal Dr. Ranjana Ruhela gave vote of thanks to the Resource Person a good lecture delivered which is going to be very fruitful for the teachers as well as the students.


Two days National seminar on NCTE regulation 2014 was organized in SOS J.N. KAUL campus. The Ex. Vice chancellor of Kumaun University professor V. P.S. Arrora inaugurated the session. Prof, N.N.Pandey from Ruhelkhand University and Prof. N.C.Dhaundiyal, from S.S.J. Almora Campus did the honour of lighting the lamp. The main points of discussion were quality of higher education, corruption of education and changes in education. The research scholars presented their research papers and expressed their views.


-The resource person on this occasion was MR.P.V. Paul, principal , SO S.H.G.S. Varanasi. Dr. Ranjana Ruhela was the convener. Mr. Paul spoke about the essential ingredients of classroom ambience. He stressed on the importance of Levin’s principles of classroom management . He devoted one day to life skills to deal effectively with demands and challenges of every day life.


The main speaker on this occasion was Ms.Sunita Singh, Principal, SOS H.G.S. Bhopal. Guidance is the collective responsibility of every school and the society. A teacher should give proper guidance to the students. it is the moral responsibility of every parent and teacher to provide guidance and counseling to the child according to his capability.


It inspired the people to quit smoking and tobacco for healthy life. A yoga camp was organized in the campus of J.N. Kaul on 04-feb-2018 to remain fit and free from diseases. The camp was organized by Mr. R.P.Joshi and Mr. Ashutosh Chandola from Patanjali Yogapeeth . They taught various types of techniques of yoga.


DATE- 23 JAN. 2016 Campus Cleanliness Day
This day is celebrated under the regulation Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. All the students of the college took active part and cleaned the surrounding area.


A workshop on teaching learning in digital era
A workshop was organized on the topic“ teaching learning in digital era” in the premises of SOS J.N. Kaul Bhimtal. The use of teaching learning with the help of latest techniques should be done according to the changing environment. A teacher should use the best educational technology for the all round development of the child


10 DEC. 2015 Human Rights Day
The human right day was celebrated on 10 Dec 2015. It ensures equal rights and opportunities to every human being on this earth. It was emphasized to preserve and prevent the human rights at every cost.


World AIDS day was celebrated on 1 Dec 2015 in the campus of SOS J.N.Kaul institute of education Bhimtal. On this day some of the students Bushra Kamal.Puneet Bisht and, Narayana Kumar expressed their views. They drew the attention of the masses towards the grave consequences of Aids, they told about the various methods of prevention and cure of this deadly disease. Honorable principal Dr. Ranjana Ruhela gave special message on this occasion.


Kargil Divas
Kargil Day was celebrated on 26 july in the premises of SOS J.N. Kaul Institute of Education. On this very auspicious occasion speech on great sacrifices made by martyrs during Kargil war was delivered by students and teachers. In this way students became aware about how Kargil war happened and remembered as well as paid tribute to great souls of Indian Army.